Angels We Have Heard on High

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I imagine Jesus is shaking his head on this one.

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At first, Mattea takes a minimalist approach by allowing her vibrato-filled voice to be the focus whether that's good, bad, or indifferent. Then everything goes off the rails when she gets all groovy with fast strumming country guitars. Call it jammin' for Jesus.

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Her speed of presentation, her reluctance to reach for the high notes, and the way she allows the song to fizzles out in the end together do not appropriately represent the sanctity of the song. Leave this version alone. What is this? Believe it or not, those are proud Christians shouting their praise for Jesus. Shelve your judgments because they aren't cursing, and they're totally man-hugging those lyrics, including all the " Gloria in excelsis Deo " lines as they race through the song at a frenetic pace. Like many other artists, the band drops the last traditional verse of the song that starts with, " See Him in a manger laid.

Grave Robber is a death metal band whose members sport zombie masks and costumes and are known by stage names like Wretched, Viral, Carcass, and Plague. Other cleverly named members such as Rot, Dr. Cadaver, Maggot, and DeMuerte are no longer with the group. In this song, there is certainly a shock factor mixing the punk genre and holiday music, but Grave Robber is proof of two things:. Needless to say, this song selection, and indeed the genre, is an acquired taste. They have teased that a Christmas album may be forthcoming.

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Angels We Have Heard on High - Lindsey Stirling

Devika - Thanks for weighing in. Aretha will always be an incredible talent. She is leading the choir in the afterlife. Jo - It's never too early to get ready for the holidays. I have a number of Christmas articles I need to get off my plate before the holidays, so I figured why not? Glad to introduce you to Pentatonix. This is not one of their best songs. Usually they are much better. Well, here I am in the middle of July when it's hot as hell outside listening to Christmas music.

When it comes to religious music, I'm very traditional and would choose the choral version--or some choral version-but I really like that Pentatonix group. I'd never heard of them. Linda - Some of the cover singers don't do justice to the song. I particularly like the high notes.

Top 10 Versions of "Angels We Have Heard on High" by Christian & Gospel Arists

Flourish, I'm sorry to be late to the party. Life got in the way. As for "who sang it best? I'm sorry but on this, I have to be a stuffy old traditionalist. I'll take the calm, measured, respectful choral version.

By the way, this isn't a piece of cake as far as choir music is concerned. Gotta have good breath control.

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  • Genna - Aretha certainly has a mesmerizing voice like no other! Thank you for weighing in on this Christmas in July version! I'm getting ready early, trying to clear some back burner articles off my slate. I enjoyed sampling all of the songs and reading your descriptions. For me, though, the traditional choir version is by far my favorite. My favorite cover version was the one by Aretha Franklin, which I found quite pleasant.

    There are so many choices, Flourish, But I have to vote for Aretha What a lovely article, filled with wonderful music. Thank you. Heidi - I'm going to have to go look Vanessa Williams' version up. I cap it at 15 videos because HP can't handle more than that without impacting load time.. Thanks for coming by.

    Angels We Have Heard on High - Anglea - Beckenhorst Press

    Have a great weekend and try to stay cool in this summer heat. Bill - I also think Bocelli's voice is like heaven. I think he gets a bad rap from the opera folks. Have a good weekend. I didn't know so many people covered this. This is one song that can go from being sweet and simple to divine. Hi Flourish.

    Some interesting renditions. I love listening to a choir so for me the traditional choir version will always be my favorite. Of the 14 renditions some of the more modern versions did not appeal to me. I liked the Bocelli, Home Free, and Josh Groban versions the best, and I voted for Bocelli because, well he's Andrea Bocelli, and everything he sings sounds like heaven. Had forgotten how wonderfully relaxing this song is.

    Rádios que tocam Josh Groban

    I am now with a smile on my face for the day. This song is absolutely amazing I like it so much! And I like 'Home Free' cover so much. Lora - Thank you for your thoughts on this lovely song. I think there's plenty of opportunity with this hymn to record a better popular version. I also love a good choir version. Have a Happy Fourth! In all candor, I like the traditional choir version the best. Although, the only other two that I really liked was Home Free because I thought there harmony was done so well, and Andrea Bocelli because he has such a beautiful voice.

    Although as far as operatic styles, my favorite version was done by the greatest of all Italian tenors, in my opinion, Pavarotti. But, even more than the operatic version, I prefer the choir version maybe because this song is so celestial in my opinion and a choir to me is just more reminiscent of angels singing! A great article, Flourish, with interesting genres, styles and artists to choose from. I really enjoyed it and will have to come back to listen once again around Christmas time! Patricia - Thank you for your kind words and link it if you'd like.