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What to Do if You’re Hurt by Domestic Violence

The police had to explain to her four times that she cannot walk up to me wherever I am and tell me to leave. Not one time did the police arrest me.

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That is a criminal offense. Ultimately, at the appeal, the judge reprimanded her and her lawyer for abusing the process to get an advantage in the divorce. You should have seen her lawyers face. I won the appeal but still had to face the criminal charge. She also filed two show cause motions with the court in addition to the criminal warrant. We went in front of the same judge that originally issued the protective order.

She was not pleased. She said that even if I had done what my wife claimed on the warrant, it was not a crime. Then she struck 16 of the 18 items my wife had on her show cause motions and said that there was no basis to believe that the other two occurred. The protective order process needs to be amended to prevent this kind of abuse. Apart from the two lawyers I have for my divorce, I have friends who are judges and lawyers and all of them tell me that divorce lawyers regularly hint to their clients that a protective order will help with custody and control of marital assets.

Courts need to look hard at requests when there is a divorce pending and particularly if there is no police report or prior history of abuse. In my case, the only police calls were me on her and my daughter on her mother. There was no record of a history of abuse and even the situation she used as the basis I stepped between her and our daughter because my wife was about to clock my daughter for the protective order she did not claim I hit her, only that she felt she was at risk and felt afraid.

That was all she needed. Todd Bord Reply. It is a very horrible procedure that has been used by many district attorneys, especially in Newburyport. I have seen and been around the now adult victims of these clown rooms. The damage the District Attorneys have done to human beings is irreparable and as bad as the most horrendous crimes. Eric Bonetti Reply. Misuse of restraining orders is not limited to divorce cases. Here is what my mom wrote about my case:.

Washington State Court Forms

The moniker, which is the name of a classic rock band in Richmond VA, is one we use because, like the band members, we all have names that begin with the letter B. Malm also knowingly takes other words and phrases out of context. Yet he claims that somehow using those words is a threat. The trial court judge listened to a whole lot of bull from Malm about people allegedly being mean to him and more, none of which has anything to do with a restraining order.

Filing for Divorce as a Victim of Domestic Violence | Genus Law Group

Malm also acknowledged that my son has never threatened him. Yet the judge granted the order anyway.

A child support case may be filed in the county where the child lives or is physically present or in a county where a parent resides. CSE has various tools that may be used to locate noncustodial parents. The other party has 30 days to file an answer. You have 30 days after receiving a complaint to file an answer with the court.

You may hire an attorney to assist you or represent yourself. Many cases will typically be scheduled for the same day. The judge or the CSE attorney will typically begin court by calling the names of everyone expected to be in court that day, and address each case one at a time. If you are the party seeking child support, you may contact your local CSE to provide representation for you, or you may hire a private attorney.

If you are the party obligated to pay child support, you may hire a private attorney to represent you or represent yourself. Court officials, such as judges and clerks of court, cannot give you legal advice about your rights and obligations, possible claims or defenses, or the likely outcome of your case. The first payment is typically due on the first of the month after the judge signs an order for child support. A major goal of family court is to consolidate and assign a family's legal issues before a single district court judge or team of judges.

Parent education programs also may be available. Together, the dedicated family court judges and staff implement policies that promote prompt and just resolution of family law issues. Learn more. Judges must order the amount of child support set out in the Guidelines unless applying the Guidelines would not meet or would exceed the reasonable needs of the child, or would otherwise be unjust or inappropriate.

Use this calculator if one parent has primary custody, this calculator if the parents have joint custody, and this calculator if the parents have split custody. Having other children in your home or paying child support for other children not living with you are factors in calculating child support. If you are represented by the local CSE agency, you should contact your caseworker.

Otherwise, you can file a Motion for Order to Show Cause , requesting the court to hold the other party in contempt. Depending upon the circumstances, a parent who fails to pay support as ordered may have wages withheld or be required to serve time in jail. Otherwise, you can file for a modification using this form. The judge will hold a hearing on the motion to modify. You should be prepared to show documentation that justifies your request to modify the child support order.

If you lose your job, you may file a Motion to Modify. A judge will determine how your unemployment impacts the current order of support. If you have a child support order and then discover that you are not the biological father of the child, you can file a Motion for Relief within one year of discovering that you are not the father. In general, parents are not obligated to financially support a child once the child reaches the age of Parents are required to support a child until the child turns 20 if the child has not yet graduated and remains in high school.

For better, for worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health

In that case, child support will continue until the child graduates, stops attending school regularly, fails to make satisfactory academic progress, or reaches age 20, whichever happens first. Parents can also be required to support a child enrolled in a cooperative innovative high school CIHS program until the child reaches age 18 or completes four years in the program, whichever occurs later. You can see a list of CIHS programs here.

Parents can agree in a separation agreement or consent order, for instance, to support a child through college or to continue supporting a disabled child. Any valid agreement between the parents is binding. If your child qualifies for support after age 18, you are not required to return to court to continue receiving child support. In general, no.

If you have a CSE case, you should not have to go to court when your child reaches age 18 and has graduated from high school. If you do not have a CSE case and your child has reached the age of 18 and graduated from high school, you can file a Motion to Modify to terminate support. Yes, if the child marries, joins the U. Have your process server try to serve them somewhere else. If you cannot get an address for the other party but you are in touch with them, you can ask for permission to serve the documents by alternate means email, text, social media, etc.

For more information about this, please see Serving the Papers by Alternate Service. If you still cannot find the person after doing the search, you can ask the judge for permission to serve the Defendant by publishing the summons in a newspaper. For more information about this, please see Serving the Papers by Publication. I am filing a motion to re-open an old case, but the other party moved and I don't know where she lives. Where do I serve her?

Whenever you move, you are required to update your address with the court by filing a Change of Address form this can be found on the Miscellaneous Forms page. If the other party moved and did not update their address with the court, the court expects you to serve the other party at the address that the court has on record for the party, PLUS any other addresses where you think the person can be found.

One of the spouses must have been a Nevada resident for 6 weeks before filing for divorce. It does not matter where you married, as long as at least one spouse is a true Nevada resident.